Founder Message

S. Didar Singh President's Message

"Education is the manifestation of the perfection already in man"

No building can stand for a long period.if its foundation is weak or it is build on sand. I feel proud to say that The Labana Sikh Education Society provides a healthy and strong plateform to its learners to build their career in this highly competitive and materialistic society. It has been rightly said that flowers of tomorrow are hidden in the seeds of today. No educational institute can exel and flourish, if it does not inculcate in its pupils the combined traits of body,mind and soul.

The soul aim of every temple of learning is the building of individual character. Today The Labana Sikh Educational Society has grabbled a proud place in the hole distric. This has been possible due to the untiring efforts of the teaching community and pupils of school.They believe in putting service before self and upholding the sanctity of this temple of knowledge.

May The Sikh Labana Education Society ever shine like the moon among the stars !

S. Didar Singh

The Labana Sikh  Educational Society

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S.M.S Public School,
Dosarka Road, Barara(Ambala)
+91-895 029 5204