Vision & Mission


S.M,S Public School aims at imparting quality education through holistic, scholastic and spiritual approach in its pursuit of excellence in all fields. In this era of globalization and liberation, it prepares students to have a competitive edge over others to meet the global perspective with the best of technology education. The school ensures physical, mental and moral growth of the students through training in co-operation, consideration, team spirit, and service, hence enhancing their mental horizon, we cultivate and develop the aesthetic sense of the students and channelize their youthful energy into creativity and self-actualization. The school inculcates in its students the spirit of patriotism building responsible citizens and future leaders who have social and ethical values which helps to think beyond cast, community, religion and region. Our emphasis is on building a work without boundaries, a world where people exist in the symbiotic relation amidst amity, love and peace that people irrespective of class and status can avail.

Contact Info

S.M.S Public School,
Dosarka Road, Barara(Ambala)
+91-895 029 5204